A Day With Oma in The Studio

April 11, 2016 1 Comment

A Day With Oma in The Studio

Let me introduce you to the cutest Oma (grandmother in German) in the World, here she is...Elfriede Shannon she's 79 and still Fly. Check her out!  She lives in Frankfurt, Germany where my family and I used to live, so this day and these photographs mean the world to me as she doesn't come to the US often.
I was super pumped to know that Oma was coming to visit us here in MA because I could finally show her in person my home Studio/Office as well as show her everything WearLex and of course spend time with her.  It's really hard to explain via telephone what my business is about, what stones I use, the process etc. She was so impressed with all that I create and how I create, she was also loving the Studio/Office and loved seeing all of the stones that I use in my designs.
To capture this moment I called my girl, Ashely who is the Owner and Photographer of Cleopatra Photography. She was too kind to squish in a photoshoot of me and my Oma in my Studio, she's the bomb and so super talented. 
A lot of the reason why I started WearLex is because of my Oma. In her younger days, she would travel the world and pick up unique pieces of jewelry as gifts for me. She would gift them to me on special occasions like birthdays, graduation or just because I'm awesome :) For me, when I was younger I really didn't know how much these pieces would mean to me until later on in life. Now that I am older and am in the jewelry business I realize how beautiful and meaningful these pieces are, I have a real respect for jewelry and especially the pieces that Oma gifted me. I will cherish those pieces for the rest of my life and hope that when I have a child one day I can pass on the tradition.

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June 23, 2016

Love this story!

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