The Story




Everyone has a moment when the light unexpectedly goes out in their life. That moment may come at the end of a relationship, during illness, after losing a job, or when someone you love passes away. Suddenly there is darkness where positivity, hope, and light once lived.

For me, that moment came when I lost my mom in 2017. When she left our physical world, something inside me left too, but I knew that I needed to find the light again. For her, and for me.

My mom was a single parent, and the strongest and smartest woman I’ve ever known. Her poetic, artistic, and spiritual nature inspired me to fully experience the world around me and love with every ounce of my soul. She showed me that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and most importantly, a positive attitude. I can still hear her saying “Stay positive and positive will come,” one of her favorite phrases and one that I remind myself of daily.

To honor my mom and find my own comfort after her passing, I decided to make a special candle. Growing up, my parents always had candles burning and we all loved the mood and good vibes they brought to a room. This memory, along with my natural gravitation towards creativity as an outlet, made creating this candle feel so right. 

Before diving into the creative process, I did my research in order to make this candle both beautiful and unique, like my mom. Through this process I learned that many large candle companies use paraffin wax, which releases highly toxic volatile organic compounds when burned. The toxins released from paraffin candles are the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes. This is not only bad for the environment but bad for our health. So for the base of the candle I chose a soy and coconut wax blend and it paired with wooden wicks. These natural ingredients combined would create a candle I could feel good about burning in my home.

I then thought about the candle vessel, and chose a glossy white glass vessel with a heavy weight base. For me, this sleek design was a way to ensure that my candle could integrate seamlessly with any room in my home, and be reusable and environmentally friendly.  

In crafting the scent, my special potion, I wanted something that elicited the good vibes my mom always gave me. Each scent reminded me of my mom’s uplifting energy and created a connection to the past and hope for the future.

Then I added the crystal, and something magical happened. If you love crystals already, then you know about the positive energy and vibrations they bring to your life. If you haven’t thought about crystals before, I’m excited to introduce you to the power that comes from their natural beauty. When I hold a crystal in my hand, I feel love, healing, protection, and a spiritual connection to my mom. By placing the crystal into the wax and integrating it with the candle, I felt joy and peace in my heart seeing all of these natural elements work together. The good vibes were back, and my light came back on. 

I knew the feelings my mom inspired in me with this candle needed to be shared with the world. That’s when Vibes Candles was born. A company that will carry forward good vibes from my mom. A company that bears my mom’s nickname, Vi, that my dad gave to her many years ago. A company she would be so proud of.

There are hundreds of candles out on the market, but the crystal candles I create for Vibes Candles™ are special in their ability to help you stop and reconnect when your light goes out. The crystals pick up your unique vibrational energy and amplify the positive feelings you want to cultivate when your candle burns, filling your space with good vibes long after the flame goes out. Vibes Candles™ have brought me the light I needed, in a beautiful, simple, and environmentally friendly way, and the candle you bring into your home can do the same for you. Sit quietly in their glow, feel the comfort of the slowly melting wax, and embrace the natural energy of the crystal imbedded into your candle which can become a positive and inspiring part of your life forever.




Hi! I’m Lex Dascoli, Founder of Vibes Candles™. I live in Massachusetts with my husband and dog child, Schazti AKA "Bup", who is my constant companion and loyal coworker. I am a creative spirit and have spent my career as a GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional and Graphic Designer making beautiful things that touch people’s lives. I love the spiritual world, crystals, and all things magical and am excited to launch this new business that brings together so many pieces of my life. 

But enough about me, the driving force behind this business is you! I’m excited to connect with customers and supporters like you who feel inspired by Vibes Candles™ and bring some good vibes and light to your life. 



The magic behind Vibes Candles comes from the crystals that are handpicked by us from suppliers around the world. When the crystals arrive to our studio, they are washed and cleansed under the moonlight to clear their vibrations. Since crystals hold onto positive and negative energies, this cleansing process resets each crystal so they are ready to pass on and be charged with your personal intentions.  

Choose the crystal that speaks to your personal situation and needs.



Clear Quartz: Master Healer, Clarity + Energy

Clear Quartz Crystals are magical master healers, energy transmitters, and connectors to higher consciousness. It will amplify energy, intention and other crystals. Clears your mind, body, and space of negative energy.




Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart, a Crystal of unconditional love. It carries a soft energy of peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment and comfort. Known to heal heartbreak and opens the heart to forgiveness, compassion, and new love.



Amethyst: Transformation + Protection

Amethyst is a stone of transformation, protection and enlightenment. It creates an aura around you and your space providing purifying, healing, and powerful protective energies. Cleanse your mind, body, and space from negative energy.





Vibes Candles are hand poured out of a little studio in Marlborough, Massachusetts using a superior quality wax blend of Coconut CREAM and Natural Soy. This blend has a creamy white appearance and provides an amazingly good fragrance throw. It is FDA approved, environmentally friendly, and health conscious as it includes no harmful ingredients like some other candles on the market. Vibes Candles burn beautifully for 30+ hours before you get to repurpose the vessel and hold the crystal in your hand.




Wooden Wicks are made out of 100% wood naturally processed and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills and manufactured in the USA. These eco-friendly wooden wicks are known for their soft crackling sounds creating a relaxing vibe and ambiance. They also throw more heat into the wax which means your scent throw will be on fire! Not literally. But it will be amazing. Wooden wicks burn more evenly because of their wide base. They are able to create a large, even melt pool and create a shorter and wider flame height, which keeps them safe for use. Also, wooden wicks don’t “mushroom” the way cotton wicks do! That means minimal carbon buildup and minimal debris and sooting.




The fragrances for Vibes Candles are not your ordinary fragrances, or potions, as we’d like to call them. Our potions are unique, sophisticated, and magical and selected to match the feeling of each crystal. As you sit by your candle to focus on bringing positive energy and light into your life, these potions will relax you and fill your room with good vibes. 




The candle vessel is a sleek and glossy white glass with a heavy weight base. Its design will match all of your home or office décor and can be reused around your home.  After you’re done burning your candle clean the vessel out and repurpose it to hold makeup brushes, office supplies, or match sticks. Our favorite way to reuse the vessel, turning it into a mini planter.