Magical Crystal Box - Creativity


Get your creative juices flowing with this specially curated collection of crystals. Each stone offers powerful properties that are said to stimulate imagination and open your mind. Keep the inspiration flowing on your journey with these beauties in your pocket!

Each selection is packaged in a beautiful WearLex Wooden Box with a description card of the 5 crystals inside.


  • Pouch includes one (1) of each Ammonite, Sodalite, Red Tiger Eye, Malachite and Kyanite per wooden box
  • Each crystal is unique; size, shape and color will vary per piece
  • Amazonite: Enhances creative expression, helps one's nonverbal communication
  • Sodalite: Helps remove writer's block, stimulates intense inspiration
  • Red Tiger Eye: Brings clear thinking and insight, helps manifest ideas into reality
  • Malachite: Increases creative potential, stimulates imagination
  • Kyanite: Stimulates a higher-mind, dreaming, and intuition, assists in the elevation of consciousness

All crystals are handpicked and are packaged by Lex in a little studio in Massachusetts.

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