Magical Crystal Box - Harmony


This collection was curated to help harmonize and stabilize one’s mind, body, and soul, establishing balance in their lives. Each stone offers powerful healing properties! The perfect little pouch to keep near by your side on your nightstand.

Each collection is packaged in a beautiful WearLex Wooden Box with a description of the 5 crystals inside.


  • Pouch includes one (1) of each Sodalite, Clear Quartz, Pink Botswana, Rhodonite and Blue Agate per wooden box
  • Each crystal is unique; size, shape and color will vary per piece
  • Sodalite: Aids deeper spiritual understanding; harmonizes inner-self
  • Clear Quartz: Universal stone; enhances and harmonizes other stones
  • Pink Botswana: Harmonizes the Yin and Yang; encourages inner stability
  • Rhodonite: Balances emotions; promotes relaxation
  • Blue Agate: Cleanse and stabilize aura; heal and improve relationships

All crystals are handpicked and are packaged by Lex in a little studio in Massachusetts.

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